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Geneva ebbf breakfast notes: What is good journalism: and how can we help it flourish?

The small room in a corner at Sprüngli in Zürich Paradeplatz quickly filled up last Wednesday 5th of April early morning for the regular ebbf breakfast that took place there, the 6th in Zürich since it began last year.

26 young and young at heart gathered to listen to Alex Inchbald, painter in extreme settings, talking about creativity. He shared many thoughts that he gained from his research on the topic and his experience as painter, husband and father of two small children.

Here are few thoughts he presented, or that were discussed in the group:

Everybody has the capacity to be creative, and has his own way of being creative, which can take different forms and is unique in the world.

Our education system does not at all focus on creativity, but mostly on intellectual capacities, not on the inner world but mostly on the outer world. Does education kill creativity?

We are mostly focused through our five senses on the outer world, eventually even kept captive by these five senses.

To the question Alex asked about when we are most creative, the participants answered that they are mostly creative when not at work or occupied with daily chores. That is when they are calm and relaxed and detached from the ego and its goals and fears related to the outer world like f.ex. certainty or significance.

Detaching from the ego, concentrating on our inner essence and meditating helps one to attain inner peace. Inner peace enables creativity, which is endless and in this sense more related to a process than an outcome. It is a process that starts from our inner essence, which as Alex found in some research is in need of contributing and growing.

We all enjoyed the talk and many diverse contributions were made to the conversation on the topic. We all appreciated the time we had to connect or reconnect with new and old friends. sneak preview of the videohere is the film of me painting in the snowdownload the main concepts

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