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Extending the conference meaningful spirit

PORTUGAL – Karyne extended the conference meaningful spirit, as soon as she returned from the ebbf london conference to her daily life, by sharing with a colleague her experience through a meaningful conversation and inviting her, and her son, to the next event in Barcelona. Karyne was born in Canada and moved to Portugal 40 years ago as a Bahá’i pioneer and eventually settled in the Azores as a medical intern in the public hospital. Today she is the Director of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory in the same Hospital, trying to manage and encourage her co-workers to find meaning in their work and to build a community in the department. She explained how easy it was to have conversations about the conference as co-workers asked about the weekend away. She shared that “I wanted to go to the conference because of my son and it greatly exceeded my expectations”  and highlighted the people and the participatory environment that characterised most of the sessions.

Karyne Hyde with her son, Iko Congo

Karyne Hyde with her son Iko Congo

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