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#ebbfspirit – Evolution and Human Potential: The “Big Picture”

Partow Izadi, lecturer of Global Education at the University of Lapland in Finland, offered the first keynote of the #ebbfspirit event.

Starting from the assumption that the global crisis induces us to cinism, he presented some facts showing that cinism is illogical. Looking at the human race, we are not in a final self-destruction phase but in a transition phase. Two options apply to all the living things: breakdown and breakthru, a painful transition (e.g. the birth of a baby, breakthru applies).

The human potential is not realized by simply surviving: no human child can attain to any of its potential without active education. The same apply to humanity ad a whole: mankind would not have been able to resist “forces of egoism”, of “ethical entropy”, without the education it has reaceived throughout its history. Religion is a single educational process, designed to bring out the potential.

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