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#ebbfLondon participant – Why should we influence our work and world?

 UK – Chika (Africa Business Group Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers) is one of the participants at next week’s “how can I influence my work and world?” ebbf international event in London. This is why she thinks we should influence our work and world:

“we don’t exist in a vacuum. For better or worse, our daily actions and the way we approach our work affect the lives of people around us, either building on something good or taking away a bit of their humanity. We need to be intentional about how we affect people for good so they in turn can pass it on.” She is hoping to meet like-minded people, connect meaningfully with them and leave inspired to continue to live out her values in her workplace as one of a global community aspiring to do the same.

She runs PwC UK’s Africa Business Group with a focus on developing and promoting business opportunities in Africa for their clients and has a strong interest in “…developing the workplace as a community where we serve each other, build each other up and put others first.”

Registration are still open!

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