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#ebbfLondon keynoter: Why should we influence our work and world?

POLAND – John will be offering a bit of magic (you’ll see what we mean if you are able to enjoy his sessions at the event) with a keynote and learnshop in the upcoming #ebbfLondon event on ‘What kind of leadership style will I need to “influence my work and world?” ‘ He will explore the application of a new values-based leadership model and how can we as individuals collaborate with others to have a positive impact that will contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation. Born and raised in America, John is committed to transforming the world at work, collaborating with real people on real issues in real time. His ‘elevator statement’: ‘We help leaders transform their lives and their organizations.’ Familiar in both Easter and Western spiritual traditions, he brings a unique background to his work.

More about John in this longer interview he gave to ebbf.

Registration are still open!

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