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#ebbflisbon – Luis Monteiro: people-centric organizations

Luis Monteiro, Head of Professional Services at Unit 4, told his personal story to introduce his keynote. He is a people centric person, believing in people-centric organizations. A people centric organization is open and trustworthy, it shares the vision and the plan, explain the reasons, provide autonomy, promote transparency and authenticity. Building realtionship is another important thing, including inclusion, sense of belonging, collaboration, communication, nature of the relations and friendship. He is still in contact with is former collegue from the previous company he worked for, Altran: he is a friend to them. Last, but not least, courage is needed: always learining, experiment, be assertive, accept differences and assume risks. What are the boundaries of people-centric organization? He prefer not to establish boundaries and believes that a people-centric organization is possible.

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