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#ebbfjustice – Kami Lamakan shares how companies must seek their purpose

Kami Lamakan, founder of The Loop, offered the first keynote session of the #ebbfjustice ebbf annual learning event, that took place in Barcelona, titled “Creating conditions for a just workplace today and in the future: challenges  and opportunities for big business”. After warming up with an ice breaker that proved the presence of 34 nationalities at the conference, he went back to the period when he started: the ’90s. At the time, the business environment was ‘business is business’, conversations happened only within the organization and life was divided into work on one side and private life on the other. Companies were focused only on self interest, with a consistent salary gap between the top and the bottom level, and CSR activities were disconnected from the other activities of the company.

So “how many companies ask themselves why they do what they do?” Kami showed how companies are inevitably forced to think deeply about why they exist and how they serve the society around us. And this is the challenge that all companies must face: big or small. They have to think about their impact on the communities they operate in and reflect how is their structure helping fulfill their purpose.


To view and download his and all the other keynote presentations from the event click here to ebbf’s slideshare channel.

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