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#ebbfjustice – Alan McShane facilitates a learnshop with the use of Legos


Alan McShane brought to the #ebbfjustice conference, that recently took place in Barcelona, an innovative tool to engage people: Lego Serious Play. The learnshop, titled “Using Lego Serious Play to define root causes of injustice to allow just workplaces to arise”, had three simple rules to follow: 1. Everybody builds; 2. Think with your hands; 3. Everybody explain their model.

After having opened the Lego packages, participants were asked to build a tower, explain their model and then give it to the person on the left who had to destroy it. Alan then asked two questions: “How do you feel destroying the tower? Bad, insn’t it?” And “How do you feel seeing your tower in someone else’s hands? Generous, isn’t it?”. Then it was time for another exercise: started by copying a model, and then modifying it in order to represent one of the following situation: 1. An unjust employer; 2. An unjust boss; 3. An employee suffering injustice. The final step was to destroy the model and to build another one representing the main causes of injustice that were collectively identified as being rooted in authority, lack of communication, lack of engagement of employees and managers blindness.

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