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ebbf recommends this TBLI Nordic event, gathering of influential ideas and people in the area of res

Robert Rubinstein has been sharing his insights on responsible finance at a number of ebbf events over the years. He launched his first Triple Bottom Line event over 20 years ago and his TBLI events have grown in size and influence to become real reference points for individuals wishing to explore new trends, make useful connections and find new ways to implement responsible, sustainable investing.

We therefore warmly encourage you to join Robert and the other participants at this very relevant event:





10-11 September hosted by Norwegian Business School, Oslo

investing, discuss developments and engage with new business partners.

Responsible Finance and the Nordic Model will be the opening theme, followed by a roundtable on Trends in Impact Investing in Mainstream Finance. On the second day, the focus shifts to Climate Change Mitigation & Adaption and Financing Green Technologies.

12 workshops will be addressing topics in ESG, Impact Investing and CSR, including a special Entrepreneur Salon featuring entrepreneurs with disruptive green technologies.

Please view the program via


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