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Cindy Rocha implementing DHL’s ‘Go Teach’ program to support employability of youn

Cindy Rocha FLORIDA, USA – Cindy is responsible for the implementation in Latin America of the social empowerment program, “GoTeach”, developed by DHL and  SOS Children’s Villages to support employability of young people. It was launched in 2011, and it is present in 14 countries around the world. Last year, it was launched in Peru, Panama and Costa Rica.

Her role is to support the DHL business units and SOS Children’s Villages local offices to create a common project. To do this, they conducted a Kick-off workshop in each country to define a plan according to local needs. “For example in Peru, our employees put together a 9 months training curriculum, with classes every week in topics such as values, leadership, communication, job search strategies, etc. for about 30 participating youth. They will match it with short-term internships, and mentorship.” Cindy follows up on the activities in order to report their results to the global team.

The project is specially designed to provide youth from SOS Children Villages the access to the knowledge and skills of DHL’s employees. “Our competency-based volunteering model is very efficient because we capitalize on the experience of our employees to empower young people in a critical period of their life.” And as consequence of the program “Society as a whole benefits from better opportunities for the youth.”

Cindy Rocha

This photo was taken during Cindy’ recent visit to Peru as they plan the 2nd year of the program

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