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Canada – Yi Chi elevates business students’ dialogue

Yi is helping organize monthly gatherings at the University of Toronto to elevate business students’ dialogue and build a community among the participants.

Through her volunteering work with CPAC (Chinese Professional Association of Canada) she met a student that was creating a space (later the University of Toronto Chapter of Global China Connection (GCCUT)) in which Chinese students could pursue meaningful careers. She helped design a series of career workshops in which instead of limiting sessions to resume writing, interview and networking skills, they designed collaborative workshops that encompassed spirituality, purpose and attitude to empower the students see their career differently. After reflecting together with the students, in 2014, a monthly forum was launched. Speakers with business background and were familiar with Baha’i discourse were invited to address topics such as  Rethinking Prosperity, a statement by the BIC (Baha’i International Community) UN office.

Currently Yi works in a large retail bank and has not yet found a direct way to influence her work environment. However, sharing that her hobby was to empower youth through an internal newsletter, she attracted the interest of a young employee to have dialogs on world issue and the implications for youth and their work during lunch hours. She felt the conversations were refreshing and different. They moved the conversation to the home setting where they invited a few friends and had similar conversations to the ones she stimulates at Toronto University.

One of the gatherings with guest speakers at Univeristy of Toronto

One of the gatherings with guest speakers at Univeristy of Toronto

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