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Barcelona – AIESEC Spain representing the Youth Voice at #ebbfjustice

EBBF had the pleasure to host in the recent #ebbfjustice conference part of the management committee (MC) of AIESEC in Spain. Five young representatives participated in the conference, sharing their ideas on behalf of an international youth organization that impacts the world by empowering the leaders of the new generation.

During the event, Rhianna Ferrie, Vice President for Outgoing Global Internship Program, shared about her personal experience in being part of ebbf’s global event: “I think that I can also talk for my colleagues about the fact that we spent an amazing time, we got so much good insights and were inspired by amazing people from all over the world. This is a great opportunity for young people, we had the chance to learn a lot from the other participants coming from different sectors and with different backgrounds… It’s not so easy to find a place like this where you can share your ideas about meaningful topics concerning everyone in the world. After this conference, I am starting to think about my next steps after my AIESEC experience…”.

On the last day of the conference, they met with a group of ebbf representatives to discuss about possible collaboration between AIESEC Spain and ebbf. Ivan Sanchez Enrique, Vice President of External Relations, offered great thoughts for a meaningful partnership: “This conference was great, I am already imagining the possibility of bringing meaningful conversation among our community to inspire the youth in Spain in being leaders with values. In the next months we are going to realize two big events – Youth 2 Business – the topics we are going to cover will concern the following – how to be leaders with values and how to lead the change – I believe that having ebbf as a partner for those events could have a big impact and give an added value..”

AIESEC Spain and a group of ebbf members are going to continue to consult, plan ideas and projects that can be delivered together both on local and national level. This might become a good case practices to share with other AIESEC entities and have a long term strong collaboration between the two organizations.

From left to right: Mahmud Samandari, Mario Reyes Castro, Carmen, Joan, Alex Cabon, Andrei, Rhianna, , Ferdinand M. Fox

Some of the AIESECERS at the conference from left to right: Mahmud Samandari (ebbf board member), Mario Reyes Castro, Carmen Torres, Joan Manuel Sanchez, Alex Cabon (ebbf liaison with AIESEC Int.l), Andrei Cimbru, Rhianna Ferrie, Ivan Sanchez Enrique, Ferdinand Wollenberg

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