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A very personal story of a fundamental career shift. So useful for anyone in reinventing their role.

What a fascinating very personal story and how useful to anyone who is thinking of a career change.

Specially brave as @Layli Miller-Muro interacts with ebbf's global audience sharing the why and the how she decided to move from a comfortable clear position of powerful impact, saving the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable women, to the uncertainty of a new career path.

She answers questions like:

how much sacrifice was needed to lead an organization that impacts 30 000 women? How to find the right timing for seasons of life, for making big career changes? When you are the CEO you can decide the direction of your company but as a consultant you can only suggest to a company the direction. How did you deal with this shift of "power"?

What was the trigger of making your career shift? How did you decide what to do next? What is the role of feminine leadership in what you did, did it help you? What was the biggest lesson you learnt from your pivot? How do you let go as a leader? How do you avoid controlling outcomes and trust more?


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