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A Call for UN Charter Reform

ebbf has just signed and you can also be part of the group of leaders who have signed this call for UN Charter reform to break free from outdated international governance structures and establish a just, principled, representative and accountable global order reflective of the needs of humanity and the planet at this time.

Join a global group of leaders of business, civil society and government, supporting the idea to evolve the UN Charter. Leaders who are dedicated to promoting world peace and human security, sustainable economic and social development, and living in harmony within our planetary system.

You can find here the link with more info and your opportunity to support this call for a UN Charter Reform here on the @global governance forum , website :

As you can see a number of #ebbfmembers involved in this forum, including: @mahmud samandari, @augusto lopez-claros , @francoise le goff , @Maja Groff, @Steve Sarowitz and @Arthur Dahl

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