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9 Sept - New format of ebbf meaningful learning mornings launches.

#ebbfmember Rahmin Bender shares: "Looking forward to launching our new format for meaningful mornings and our new series next Friday. It is hard to believe it has been 4 years of online and in-person conversations, workshops, and discussions held with the spirit of consultation, fostering discourse and understanding. Its been my privilege to aid in facilitating this space with many wonderful people ( Oscar Mendez Rosa, Gilberto Morishaw, Danielle Pee, Erben Oosting, and many more), and look forward to this continued evolution. We will launch our new series next Friday 9 September with an introduction and begin a monthly community online meeting to discuss the themes and ideas arising from the theme. This will be complemented by in-person, online, and glocal events on the theme created by the community, friends, and those interested in joining. We will explore "what is in the power of a question and how can it be a source for building change?" Questions spark curiosity, fear, bravery, and will for change. We will continue to explore the topics at the intersection of the natural environment, social justice, fair economies, and relational well-being through the frame of societal, individual, and organizational questions. Please reach out if you are interested in joining any events or community conversations this year or popping in from time to time. Register here (though not strictly necessary for attendance): Learn more about the initiative here:

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