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4th June - On Being Human in 2021, ebbf digital meaningful dialogues

In this series, we will explore "Being Human in 2021" in the context of bridging conversations on justice, diversity, and social change. CLICK HERE TO JOIN Building off of our engaging series of conversations in 2021, we will continue our meaningful morning community discourse with a new series exploring our spiritual and material reality in our current global reality. We look forward to discussing topics such as:

  • The Power of Youth and Engaging Across Generations

  • Economic Inequality, Corruption, and Transformations for Economic Health/Shared Prosperity

  • Interdependence and Building Relationships - beyond unhealthy individualism

  • Maintaining Balance with Spiritual, Economic, and Social Needs

  • Human Potential, Planetary Ecological Collapse, and the Path to Regeneration

  • And more to come as we co-create with participants!

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