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15th February - Emily Chew shares what she learnt and applied on her path to a meaningful career

You might be searching for a more meaningful career or want to create more meaningful workplaces in your company. What should we know about ourselves first, to then be able to identify and find the kind of meaningful career that will fit best with our abilities and aspirations?

What have been the difficult decisions that a successful corporate executive had to take along the way, deciding on her own meaningful career path? How did Emily Chew decide to cross continents from Asia to the USA and what values sustained her career? We have created for you this series of meaningful conversations that you can join, to understand the priorities, difficulties and path on the way to a meaningful career. #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer In this new ebbf series, in 52 minutes, we aim to interact and explore what is important on our way to a meaningful career.

Martina Crepaz and Jean Parker create an open dialogue for you, where #ebbfmember Emily Chew will be sharing his experience and interacting with you.

MORE ABOUT EMILY CHEW (currently Executive Vice President and Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Calvert Research and Management):


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