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small daily steps that contribute to the advancement of civilization

I am extremely thankful to many of these people, members of ebbf who have been helping me in this journey trying to find my place trying to apply and doing small things in my daily life

which are maybe not very big when looking in the perspective ofthe development of the entire human kind

but feel I am still doing my part my own small part in the advance of the development of civilisation

and that feeling of belongingness is something I received continuously from ebbf.


What are the roles of spiritual capital and spiritual leadership in our competitive business environment?


From this summary of a recent international ebbf learning event, you can get a taste for what you can expect at ebbf’s series of international events.


Life is learning to accept yourself fully

it is so important to love yourself, to be in a loving contact with other people and also to have the courage to make your choices in spite of what society asks you feel free to follow your internal needs linked to the needs of other people

authenticity, be authentic

my hope is to reduce the cost of my life to spend more time on things that are meaningful to me.


In this short testimonial shot at a recent ebbf international event, architect Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes shares ebbf's fresh thinking and her architecting interactions experiences. 

living your dream through the process of contributing

I found two types of focus for people:

focus on happiness and focus on meaning.

The former talk about what is good for them, it is not just an egoistic journey it is also about intellectual and spiritual growth. 

People who strive for meaning want to contribute to something that is bigger than themselves.

That inspired me to look for what I could contribute and for the personal happiness that gives me the energy to contribute to the lives of others.

I am living my dream through the process of contributing


At a recent ebbf international learning event, off Broadway playwright, best selling author, professor and business woman Dorothy Marcic on trying to figure out a better way in a world without extremes of wealth and poverty, where companies contribute to a more sustainable world, where leadership has a new purpose-driven role. That's what we do and keep exploring.


Paul Hughes about translating values into practical every day work actions.


Paul Hughes talks about his career, the search for happiness and the translation of values into practical every day work actions that transform organizations and create a meaningful career.


Economist Augusto Lopez Claros shares his definition of meaningful work, offers key fundamentals against financial crisis.

You can read more about Augusto's views in his three articles published on ebbf's Medium Channel:

  1. In difficult times strengthen Lending Capacity of Multilateral Development Banks

  2. Priorities when responding to COVID preparing for the future

  3. Wellbeing as a better measure of national growth than GDP  

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