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ebbf 2024 impact retreat
Call to action:
Businesses building peace

19th to 22nd Sept 2024 - Acuto, Rome

Times of transition demand our attention, as intersecting challenges call us to rise to the occasion. We find ourselves at a critical juncture, where our actions today will have massive repercussions on future generations. It is in this pivotal moment that we must come together, working with like-minded groups and embracing the potential within us all.


Welcome to the ebbf Impact Retreat, a sanctuary for exploration and growth.

We invite you to gather in Acuto, where leaders from all generations converge to forge a path toward a more ethical and sustainable future. This retreat is not an event; it is a commitment to elevating our conversations and actions, ensuring they are rooted in justice, unity, and a shared vision for a better world.

"amidst the turbulence of world affairs ... the reality that humanity is one people must be the starting point for a new order... such a vision will require ... an historic feat of statesmanship from the leaders of the world.

...Humanity is gripped by a crisis of identity, as various peoples and groups struggle to define themselves, their place in the world, and how they should act. Without a vision of shared identity and common purpose, they fall into competing ideologies and power struggles.

Seemingly countless permutations of "us" and "them" define group identities ever more narrowly and in contrast to one another...

Rival conceptions about the primacy of a particular people are peddled to the exclusion of the truth that humanity is on a common journey in which all are protagonists
Universal House of Justice message of 18th January  2019

In a time where polarisation and division seem to dominate the discourse, we are here to challenge that narrative. We will address the challenges we face without fear, but we will do so from an elevated perspective. Our aim is to move beyond the binary of for or against, to transcend the polarised yes and no. By embracing a higher level of dialogue, we can mitigate problems more effectively and foster an environment where new, constructive behaviors replace the adversarial attitudes of the past.


As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that there is no unity without justice. The historic call from the Universal House of Justice, marking 100 years since the League of Nations, reminds us that the reality of humanity must be our starting point for a new world order. This retreat is an opportunity to reimagine our roles as leaders, to envision a shared identity and purpose that transcends competing ideologies and the divisive "us versus them" mentality.


We recognize that the opposite of peace is not war, but rather the failure to strive for a higher standard of civilization. It is the laziness of not challenging ourselves to be better, to be more ethical and just in our actions. We are not here to create divisions or promote apathy. Instead, we are committed to development, to harnessing our collective influence to speak and act for peace.


In our companies and work environments, we often miss opportunities for peace due to internal conflicts and competition. Whether it's between departments or co-founders, these conflicts can impede our progress. Here, we will identify these missed opportunities and explore how we can use our influence to foster a culture of peace within our organizations and beyond. We will consider how our businesses contribute to peace, addressing injustices such as pollution that disproportionately affects the poorest among us.


As we convene at this retreat, let us call upon ourselves to rise to this higher level. Let us embrace the challenge of action, knowing that in doing so, we are not only building better businesses but also a better world. Thank you for joining us on this transformative journey. Together, we will create a future where ethical business practices and a commitment to justice and unity are the norm, not the exception.


250 or 500 €

(EXCLUDES  Accommodation)


SHARED ROOM                                 SINGLE ROOM
75 € per day (x3 days)                        85 € per day (x3 days)
PER person

    Accommodation prices per day Include: 
    room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, full board

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