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ebbf 2024 impact retreat
Step into the Crossroads
19th to 22nd Sept 2024 - Acuto, Rome

Times of transition demand our attention, as intersecting challenges call us to rise to the occasion. We find ourselves at a critical juncture, where our actions today will have massive repercussions on future generations. It is in this pivotal moment that we must come together, working with like-minded groups and embracing the potential within us all.


Welcome to the ebbf Impact Retreat, a sanctuary for exploration and growth.

Here, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-reflection, where you can deepen your understanding and learn with each other through thought-provoking guiding questions. Together, we will delve into the higher soul and nobility of human beings, unlocking the power within us to effect positive change.

"learning how to raise up vibrant, outward-looking communities ... communities learning how to bring about spiritual and material progress ... learning how to contribute to the discourses that influence the direction of that progress."
Universal House of Justice message of 30th December 2021

In our pursuit of purpose, we challenge the conventional notion that employment is the sole measure of rewarding work. Instead, we seek to elevate our understanding of work as service—a profound calling that extends far beyond the boundaries of traditional occupations. By embracing this elevated purpose, we can collectively reshape the world and create lasting impact.

Join us at the ebbf Impact Retreat, where together, withing the framework of a 9 year plan, we will explore the depths of our potential, overcome obstacles, and ignite a movement that will transcend the boundaries of time.


Let us forge a new path, guided by the principles of unity, justice, and service. The world awaits our collective action—come, be a part of this transformative journey.

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250 or 500 €

(EXCLUDES  Accommodation)


SHARED ROOM                                 SINGLE ROOM
75 € per day (x3 days)                        80 € per day (x3 days)
PER person. 

    Accommodation prices per day Include: 
    room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, full board

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