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ebbf 2022 impact retreat
the beginning of a 9 year plan
29th Sept to 2nd Oct 2022 - Acuto, Rome

Every year we hold a very special and intimate ebbf retreat in Acuto, a medieval village perched on the top of a hill in the countryside around Rome.

At a time of deep fast change, ebbf has created for you a moment to come together to pause and reflect, to understand, to gather new insights and plan actions around some of the questions we share below.
This will be the beginning of a new ebbf NINE year plan. You will be part of creating it and understanding what is achievable with a long term mindset.

"learning how to raise up vibrant, outward-looking communities ... communities learning how to bring about spiritual and material progress ... learning how to contribute to the discourses that influence the direction of that progress."
Universal House of Justice message of 30th December 2021

Across our societies, we are seeing the manifestation of the challenges presented by a crisis of values, a lack of direction, global climate and ecological crises, which will require unprecedented innovation and - dynamic - responses by all, not just a few.

We come together to understand and explore and develop the new mindsets that are necessary.
We will effectively and 
creatively focus on the best approaches in areas such as:

✅ Discourses 

✅ Partnerships

✅ Actions

We invite you to a dual objective:  

To consult and help ebbf to frame its most effective, World-Centre-guidance-aligned 9 year plan

To help you apply in your own workplaces the relevant elements of the 9 year plan.


We want to create a fresh, dynamic, deep learning opportunity which will avoid old ways by fostering universal participation, personal learning, universal learning.

“Extraordinary reservoir of spiritual potential available”

“Transformation of both the inner life and external conditions of humanity”

“This transformation naturally occurs as a growing body of people, united by the divine precepts, collectively seeks to develop spiritual capacities to contribute to the process of social change.”

Ridvan message 2010

There is extraordinary spiritual potential that we all have access to.

What does that mean, how can we access it? 
How can people in my community that I influence and interact with (team / clients / suppliers / customers / society...) gain access to it?

We want to understand the adjustments that are required in the present order but mainly we want to reflect on the new order that is required and how we can contribute to it.

Stepping away from an already broken system and instead putting time and energy to help the creation of the new system.

How can we build, create, share Human Knowledge

How can we move from the current prevailing material, ego-driven priorities to a spiritual attitude and behaviour?

How can consultation, universal participation and empowerment help us achieve this?

These are just some of the questions that we look forward to exploring with you.

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250 €
or 500 €
donation to ebbf

(PLUS Travel & Accommodation)

    Full Board

    (you can pay directly to La Panoramica Hotel upon arrival)

    65 € per day (x3 days)
    per person 
    shared double room

    75 € per day (x3 days)
    per person 
    single room

    Prices per day Include: 
    room, breakfast, 
    lunch and dinner.

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