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Warm welcome to new ebbf members contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization

On Monday we will be offering you some highlights from the recent “redefining excellence” ebbf learning event but in the meantime we wanted to open a new regular feature of ebbf:

every Friday we will be welcoming and sharing with you some of the recent members who decided to join ebbf and become an integral part of this global network and of its objective of connecting our daily work to the higher purpose of “contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization”.

If you are an ebbf member, click on their profile link to view their profile and connect with them and any of the other 800 current and past members in over 60 nations you will find in the “ebbf members platform”.

Nava Ghalili – Santa Fe, USA International Journalist/News Anchor, motivational speaker, passionate about youth and developing moral empowerment curricula.My areas of interest are Sustainable Development, Youth & Young Professionals, Social Economic Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship, PR & Communication, Publications, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship and Networking.My contribution: To learn from other ebbf members and if possible to help, encourage and support others who wish to pioneer and serve in the media industry.

Luigi Matrone – Geneva, Switzerland After working for more than 6 years in Procter & Gamble across Italy and Switzerland, taking care of Marketing and Business for billion dollar brands, I have decided to go back to the origins and listen to the “child” inside me (quoting Giovanni Pascoli). This “child” has always wanted to be an entrepreneur, since he was very young he was looking for solutions where others would only see problems, he was getting together people to create something from nothing, he was excited to discover and learn. I have decided to give birth to “my child” again and I’m now an entrepreneur. My passion leads me to the Online space, the startup scene and the combination of these dynamic and evolving realities with my deep knowledge of Marketing, Business and Consumers.Contribution to ebbfBy becoming an entrepreneur and by joining EBBF almost at the same time I want to embrace my new path in life in the right way, sustainable, respectful, and in line with the Values that this organization shares. I bring to EBBF my knowledge of Business, Marketing and about everything, of the Online Marketing space which is a key aspect that any organization cannot undermine if wants the message that sponsors to be shared as wide as possible.Burning issue:As a new entrepreneur, my most burning questions are related to how to build my company in a way that respects since the roots the principles shared with EBBF. Overall coaching on how to build an enterprise that reaches success in all forms and for all people involved is a consequent issue.

Legha Momtazian – Sheffield, UK I am a BIHE graduate doing my PhD at the University of Sheffield on “How moral Stances of Baha’i Faith translate in Business”. I would like to provide presentations on my findings on application of Baha’i principles in business.I am interested in Equal opportunities for women & men, Social Innovations, Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Organizational Behaviour, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, and one of my burning issues is how to “apply the science of the Love of God” (Abdu’l-Baha, Portals to Freedom, p. 156) in solving economic problems.

Laurant Hubert – Brussels, Belgium I am currently: – Consultant in exports – Manager of a company – MBA Student – Bachelor student of psychologyI am an AIESEC alumniBurning Issue: It’s a give and take. I wish to help EBBF to tackle the problems it works on because I share the values of the organization and believe its purpose. At the same time, I am sure to broaden my understanding of many issues, and to meet inspiring people through EBBF, which will result in helping me in my daily life.Contribution to ebbf: At the moment, I feel more comfortable being more in the background, looking, reflecting, meeting people while building my experience. Nevertheless, I would like to contribute actively in developing ebbf and spreading the word; I’ll be an active promoter of the organization, a challenger in discussions and very happy member of such an organization.

Very much looking forward to contributing to a very meaningful ebbf year together accompanying you along a path of increasing positive influence in your work

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