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UK – Arash Aazami inspires at TEDx: how losing everything is the perfect opportunity to win an

We wish Arash a very happy birthday today and with the excuse offer his truly inspiring TEDx presentation titled “How losing everything is the perfect opportunity to win anything” to the recent TEDxLancasterU event, a student project led event which won the Best Student Project of the Year at Lancaster University, organised by two other ebbf members Francesca Bruni and Iko Congo. In this talk Arash shared his personal journey from loss to a meaningful contribution to society offering some of the key thoughts he embraced on the way: ”Couldn’t we design energy companies in such a way that they benefit all stakeholders in a positive way?” and how based on the logic that “energy is a basic need….therefore it should be a basic right.” he has as a goal to help as many people have access to their rights as possible. Many of the attendees of the event named his talk, which closed the event, as their favorite, and, especially the students from Lancaster University Management School justified their choice with one of the statements he made: “I believe that a company is a means to an end. It is never an end in itself.” Watch his talk here!

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