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To safeguard our future, we must protect biodiversity.

The biological diversity of life on earth is the foundation of human existence and well-being. #Biodiversity and viable ecosystems protect us from natural disasters, regulate the climate, and provide food, fertile soil, and medicine.

But biodiversity is declining and many of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots are located in countries burdened by poverty, food insecurity, and intensifying climate change.

These underlying drivers of biodiversity loss are a result of unsustainable human activity and behavior. To protect biodiversity, we must adopt and spur demand for more responsible and sustainable practices that safeguard soil, water, forests, and wildlife.

Although Biodiversity is a global and interlinked issue that must go hand in hand with international strategies, Sara DeHoff one of the #ebbfmembers states that it is one thing we can take action on—right here, in our own backyards.

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