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Systems Thinking, Mapping and Change in Food and Agriculture

"Systems Thinking, Mapping and Change in Food and Agriculture"

This is the publication which brings together 8 years of experience in systems mapping at the practice-theory nexus with Domenico Dentoni, Marija Roglic, Timothy Manyise, Carlo Cucchi & Rob Lubberink.

You can enjoy the next ebbf "morning meaningful conversation" that #ebbfmember Rahmin B. hosts HERE:

Here is how Rahmin comments on his latest co-created publication:

"It has been my pleasure to work with these colleagues and learn with these evolving tools which we continue to apply in myriad diverse settings beyond food and agriculture such as health, circular economy, venture creation, social enterprise, and international development. I have been to bring this learning experience to both my teaching at Wageningen University & Research and now bringing into bachelors and postgraduate courses at University of Limerick UL - Kemmy Business School (KBS) University of Limerick, as well as professional practice with Creativo Design. Particularly excited to integrate learning from this research further into our exciting new PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN DIGITAL FUTURES AND INNOVATION and the module on Strategic Foresight and Systems Change.

This publication marks an exciting opportunity to receive feedback, input, ideas, and questions from practitioners, researchers, and teachers alike. We look forward to exploring these and the interesting new directions and avenues this research and practice will take. "

Paper Available here:

Also here in BAE just accepted section:

More on our continued research journey from Domenico Dentoni:

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