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#ebbfspirit – Are we designed for wellbeing, for purpose or for earning a living?

It started out as a normal weekly update call of our comms team, then Laura Zambelli, Arlette George and Daniel Truran started to as each other about what drives us.

We share with you the kind of “ebbf meaningful conversations” we regularly enjoy and that you can get more of at the next online or international events.

“Human beings are designed for wellbeing, it is our large impulse that moves us forward and when we are stressed we disconnect from that intuitive capacity.

When people give themselves permission to add to their wellbeing they make better choices, and are more comfortable with the constant change that is part of progress. It allows people to be more calm and confident in all sorts of ways.

We are told to plan everything before we start out but that is not how things work out, the moment you take the first step things have already changed around you. Even when your choice takes you down an apparently blind alley we somehow find that we are brought back and things seem to have a way of working out.

I got into the habit of being anxious about everything and set down to get things …

… done, starting my day and without thinking I did things. We have ideas of what should be done but often those priorities are actually alienating our teams, people we work with. We should get people to go beyond work and actions and to-do lists, and together comprehend and explain and justify why we are making certain choices and just open up with each other more.

In the @ebbf environment there is that tremendous sense of things moving forward into the future that is missing elsewhere. People are driven by some kind of vision that is moving them that gives them the energy to overcome often self-constructed obstacles.

@ebbf members are a force to be reckoned it , it does not mean that others are not doing great things but there is a different momentum pushing ebbf members forward.

What drives them? How do they keep up that energy and momentum? How do they define success?

I recently met an old man who looked as if he suffered a lot of anxieties in his life, I felt for him, he was very humble, not an extrovert. He said he still did not find a way to earn a living by doing what he loves doing but still he just went ahead, bought a camera, signed up for a course, he doesn’t care if he will earn any money from this activity. He just loves doing it, gets real pleasure from it, it gives meaning to his day.

By taking the photographs it is showing him how to come out, meet people, interact with people and that is a reflection of his spiritual inner life.

Following beautiful lotus flower images, quotes and yoga mats we follow a trend a way of thinking but it is not only about going to a yoga class, it is more profound, it is instead how we put ourselves into motion and how we bring something of ourselves out and use it and give it to serve a wider purpose.

Limiting ourselves to only use the IQ or some Emotional Intelligence but we are not the intuitive the social intelligence and limiting our capacities to what we are born to do and our inner purpose of what we are meant to do. It does not mean we need to meditate all day but how can we express our intuitive purpose at work?

I have an assumption that the system we grow up with shapes how we interpret our intuition and how we live our life, I am interested in how remote cultures which are not influenced by our systems actually live a full spirituality of living the inner self.

Where the inner and outer self come into alignment and inform, there is a culture a way of being that.

But we agreed that even an isolated tribe does have a system, a cultural norm, it is actually stronger when in isolation. In our current every day life we actually have many systems to choose from we have just lost the protagonism, the ownership of us stopping, consciously observing what systems are around us and to actively picking the one that will allow the alignment, the purpose, and the right way of living for us.

We are often failing to make the choice and letting what is around us make the choice for us.

So let’s actively explore : what is worthy of attention and worth cultivating?

To cultivate this habit we don’t necessarily need to be sitting in a circle or on yoga mats with other people in a room. “Ok now let’s all meditate together” . It might be helpful to enjoy meaningful conversations with others, places and situations where we can be reflective.

We attach our values to the old world order, a system that is out of balance and we need to ask what are we doing?

We can go along with one system but we need to be more aware of what is giving us the right energy and direction, at @ebbf we are a little bit different but definitely not superheroes, people know they have ownership, that we can and should decide and feel supported and energised to make those brave decisions.

Why should we assume that people have a challenge that they need to overcome? People are resourceful and they can always overcome them, or find solutions.

We don’t need to get that leg out the back of the neck, that is not what it is about, our work is our vehicle for making the greatest contribution to the world.”

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