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#ebbflisbon international learning event, registrations NOW open


ebbf’s make it meaningful series is the result of 25 years of experience, evolving its international events. We discovered that people are not just looking for knowledge. They want to participate. And even more important, they want to contribute. Together we challenge the working environment and come up with ways of making our work more meaningful, connecting it to a wider purpose. Making change happen at the level of the individual, organizations and institutions.

This May we will be exploring interconnected business and specifically the mutual influence between organizational culture and structure and the people who work inside a system and give life to it. How do we as individuals affect positive change in the organizations where we operate? how can organizations enable instead of disabling people?

Follow news and ideas and interact in the run-up to the event following the hashtag #ebbflisbon

You can find more information on the event’s website

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