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Why do people
come to ebbf events?

"I keep coming back because of the inspiring conversations I have with beautiful people
and especially every time, I come here and challenge my thinking, challenge my way of perceiving things and I always end up having many more ideas and feeling energized .... I really like it"

Alessandro Amelotti

Program Outline

Event Tracks 

The final outcomes

We end after lunch on Sunday with new energy, ideas, processes and people with whom to walk a path of meaningful impact, building, co-creating the future, a more prosperous future.


1. Unity Guides
showing us clear steps in our unity-creating efforts

2. Unity Projects
an ebbf framework that you can use to progress your work in the months ahead

3. Unity Manifesto

The co-created manifesto that will create the direction of travel and path to embrace.

4. Write your chapter in ebbf's new book 
The opportunity to write your chapter and share your own ideas in ebbf's new book "ethical business building the future, how?" 

5. People

Very diverse yet like-minded people to continue walking this meaningful path with.

Participants' Challenges
Directly addressing both practical and
visionary challenges facing participants.


Global Systems Accounting
Addressing climate crisis co-designing new
metrics to accelerate a sustainable future.
(more info here)


ebbf4youth track
Unifying intergenerational capacity-building exchanges.

Gender Justice track
Living ebbf's core value, exploring the best
approaches to creating workplaces that respect
and harness the richness of gender justice.

Interfaith dialogues at work
Learning from the experience of ebbf members, 
what are the best ways to bring spirituality as 
an asset and positive unifying force at work.

ebbf's annual general meeting
You will be able to take part in the annual AGM
of ebbf and be part of this global organization's
strategy and activities annual planning. 





Overall you will have a clearer path in our life of meaningful impact, with a better understanding of what is happening around us, of where we need to pay attention, of the power of unity and its application in our organizations.


Inspiring Ideas

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