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World press prints latest ebbf press release from "a new paradigm of work" to "the va

CNBC, Morning Star, ABC news and thousands other media sites print ebbf’s latest press release:

From “a new paradigm of work” to “the value of values” – ebbf partners with the Global Ethics Forum following its own international event. Ethical Business Building the Future (ebbf) is one of the partners of the Global Ethics Forum that will take place in Geneva continuing its promotion of a new paradigm of work, one where values bring about meaningful and successful organizations.

Geneva, Switzerland – May 10th, 2011 – ebbf ( the european baha’i business forum, an international NGO representing businesspeople across 70 countries announces its partnership with the Global Ethics Forum supporting its three day conference built around the concept of highlighting “the value of values”.

ebbf is a unique, spiritually inspired global network enabling individuals to build a new civilization through their daily work. It sees its mission as contributing to a prosperous, sustainable and just civilization by promoting and applying ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership in business and civil society.

The partnership with the Global Ethics Forum comes after its own international event that addressed the “new paradigm of work” that is emerging. New demands and priorities from the people working inside and around companies are driving the emergence of a new more values and purpose driven leadership. A leadership that will be able to successfully navigate the increasingly interconnected and volatile times in which we are operating, guided by a new compass.

ebbf actively seeks to join forces with like-minded organizations to promote and implement core values that make better business and help create a better world,” explains ebbf chair Mahmud Samandari. “This is why we are glad to be associated with The Global Ethics Forum conference which discusses and promotes values in business.”

ebbf believes it is vital to achieve broad consensus on the operating principles that are to shape a new model for our society. Such principles will engender an attitude, a will, a dynamic that will enable us to find practical measures that will take us closer to creating that model.

If business is to fulfill its potential to contribute to the necessary transformation of society, it will need to adopt values that will enable it to transform itself into a sector that takes greater responsibility for the effects of its business practices on people, communities and the environment. “If business is to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem,” said Samadari, “it will need to see the value of values that will lead to that transformation. The Global Ethics Forum is a good place to start.” For more details on the program or for reservations visit the Global Ethics Forum’s event website.

ABOUT THE GLOBAL ETHICS FORUM is a the global ethics network of experts, institutions and individuals from all walks of life interested in applied ethics. It offers with its Global Ethics Forum an innovative global platform as a three year project running from 2011 to 2013. The Global Ethics Forum project with its focus on business ethics builds on the successes of the 2009 Conference that took place at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland from 2 to 3 July. The Global Ethics Forum project is not just an annual event but an ongoing process involving four activities: events, research, exchange and documentation. The goals of the project include providing opportunities for multistakeholder dialogue with a number of partners to provide innovative practical solutions to problems faced by the business community and by the wider community in relation to corporate responsibility.

ABOUT EBBF The European Bahá’í Business Forum is a spiritually inspired, non-profit organization of individuals across more than 60 countries contributing to a prosperous, sustainable and just civilization by promoting and applying ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership in their workplaces. The ebbf community endeavors to inspire, and empower people whatever their work may be with its mindful people, meaningful work community platform providing capacity building, practical tools and a global community of like-minded individuals. For more information or about ebbf section.

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