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Work: Awful or Awesome? – Letters from the ebbf board

ebbf’s chair Wendi Momen has just shared this latest “letter from the ebbf board” describing what makes work awful or an awesome experience depending on the purpose and reasons in which you focus your working life.

“Why do some people hate going to work and others love it? Why does the work day drag on and depressingly on for some people while for others work lifts them up, gives them purpose and brings them joy? Why is some work awful and other work awesome? ebbf has always promoted a set of ideas that makes work awesome — a new work ethic: * Everyone has both a right and an obligation to learn a useful skill and to use it for the benefit of all * Meaningful work in an occupation, craft or trade not only provides material means but also performs a service for society * Work has a spiritual as well as a material significance * Work undertaken in the spirit of service to others is worship Looked at in this light, work can be pretty awesome! But how do we achieve this in our workplace? How can we make work meaningful? What do we need to do to create an awesome work environment? ebbf is trying to discover the answers to these questions.”

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