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What we learnt about Rethinking Success’ dialogue with ebbf annual conference speaker Layli Mi

What did we learn from this dialogue, rethinking success ( the theme of ebbf’s 30th annual conference ) the second in a series of exploratory sessions giving you new ideas and insights to reflect upon and take into action in your workplace. How does your organization, who defended +25,000 courageous individuals, women and girls fleeing violence since 1997, identify success? How do you measure your rate of success on justice, at the Justice Center? What do donors ask for in terms of success and what makes them decide whether you are or not their organization of choice? What do you do to choose the right kind of donor? How do you make sure that your +100 team understands and lives the values of your organization? How do you approach consultation at the Tahirih Justice Center? What is the role of spirituality and of spiritually inspired leadership in your personal experience? You can find details of the ebbf annual conference and of future ebbf events here:

More about Layli and the other conference speakers at this link .

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