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UK – Kami Lamakan invites a colleague to an ebbf event

Kami Lamakan, CEO of The Loop, has experienced a wide spectrum of involvement with ebbf. He started this involvement by attending a few events, after which he became a member and then started to invite members of his team to attend an ebbf learning experience. At the last justice ebbf conference he offered a keynote on “Creating conditions for a just workplace today and in the future: challenges and opportunities for big business”.

Who did you invite and why?

Jelena Hercberga. She helps our company have beneficial connections with the world, and takes care of our culture of knowledge. I knew that she could create a strong bridge between us and ebbf. My first experience at an ebbf event opened my eyes and I simply thought that it would be useful for anyone else as well. What I liked the most from my experience at ebbf was the diversity of people, diversity of professional areas represented and diversity of perspectives gathered in one single place.

What was the effect?

She really found what she was looking for: people that also wanted to change the world, not only through words, but with concrete actions. She was definitively inspired by the people she met and then brought to our workplace all of this positive inspiration. Through her impact she both influenced our company and allowed us to further influence our connections with the outside entities we aim to support.  We both had the chance to bring a lot of inputs from the conference to our work, especially the dynamic way of bringing together different mindsets and points of view and coming out with wonderful practical ideas.

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