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Sjoerd Luteyn speaking at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Days on the shift of organisations

THE NETHERLANDS – Sjoerd will be speaking at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Days, an annualtwo-dayevent wherestudentsand entrepreneurscome together toinspire and learnfrom each other throughworkshops, lectures and case studies. The event will take place in the Rotterdam Science Tower on the 16 and 17 of April.

This opportunity in the heart of the educational center of Dutch future leaders, alongside the previous prime minister of the Netherlands and head of SME Netherlands, has arisen, from his company’s (Refresh Interactions) effort to share their insights with students and young entrepreneurs. His speech will aim to address the 3 main forces that are calling for a transition of entrepreneurship and organisations; to give perspective and share knowledge on what models could help making this shift (the soul driven organisation – the search and definition of the shared principles that are the foundations for actions and communication within the organisation); and to share and develop insights and models to shape the future as entrepreneurs (purpose, profit, innovation, employee engagement, transformation, communication, etc).

Entrepreneurial Inspiration Days

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