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Portugal – Ralph Blundell contributes to ebbf

Ralph tries to contribute to a more just, sustainable and prosperous civilization by striving to hold a righteous conduct, to be a positive model and to spread the ebbf way in his talks and whenever he has that opportunity. He is currently also helping ebbf by helping the events team elevate the quality of the events and also broadening the network of people who come in touch with the organization.

What he enjoys the most in ebbf conferences are:

“The people. The exchange of ideas. Whenever I stand still people come to ask for a word. Being in a learning environment all day, learning all day. The energy of the AIESECERS. Keynotes and learnshops are good. The family relationship with participants.” 

He is exploring the possibility of giving presentations at Aveiro, Porto and Lisbon Business Schools about entrepreneurship, the elevation of work to an action of worship, and drawing parallels between academic papers and the principles of the Baha’i Faith.

“Our life is very short and the only reason we are here is to create a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization. We need to do the small acts of kindness, generosity and other things. I want to change the world. ebbf in its new form can help me to this or else I wouldn’t be here. I firmly believe that no matter what happens God will take care of things and there is no test we are given that cannot be overcome.”

Ralph facilitating a learnshop at the most recent ebbf conference "Creating a Just Workplace" in Barcelona

Ralph Blundell facilitating a learnshop at the most recent ebbf conference “Creating a Just Workplace” in Barcelona

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