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Open Letter shows impact of ebbf’s ideas

Now into its 15th year of existance this year was no different from the rest and Beppe Robiati continued to present ebbf’s course to the students of Economics of the University of Bari, this year reaching over 200 students. The comments, reactions and open appplauses that each lesson received are a testimonial to the impact of this innovative concepts but this year something different happened.

At the end of one of the lessons of the course, following the “usual” round of applauses full of adrenalin and enthusiasm the students came to the speaker’s rostrum and a group of them came to shake my hand and to give me a letter which they asked me to read during my flight back home.

This is an open letter that a group of students wrote and we wish to share it to confirm the eagerness and thirst of these new generations for the innovative messages and business models that ebbf proposes:

Dear Ing. Robiati, fascinated by your lectures, we decided to write to share our thoughts. Listening to your presentations we feel honored to see so much of us reflected in your words “young people may create the Future” and feeling very much aligned with your concept that says that we are “citizens of one world.” In our view the only possible weapon is unity and cooperation and we see in what you say a possible guide in our development that could lead to gain the means and knowledge to enable us to make the best use of and the most effective use of the will power that unites the majority of people who wish to live a future that is better than that of their parents, who intend to make a change to their genealogical tree, because we believe that unlike the past, this is the first generation where children are worse off than their parents and we want to ensure that this is no longer the case! We think that our ambitions and our desires are clear and we would like to receive somefurther direction to be able to grow and evolve. We know it is difficult to address this issue at a time of crisis, but we have something more than the current generation that lets itself be fascinated by consumerism and loses the focus of the true values of life. Dear Ing. Robiati, we believe that following your ideas it will be possible to really make our project a reality, a project that will allow us to enter into a new scenario, a scenario that will be our scenario. We therefore connect to the words you expressed in your classes and we too are convinced that “we will not die in the place where we were born, we will not work in the place where we graduated and we will not marry our next door neighbor because the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens  

We would be honored to receive new indications on how to make sure that our dreams and our ambitions are realized and to ensure that our will can turn into something concrete that will allow us to live our lives in the right way and maybe one day this will give us the opportunity to go and give lectures in other universities, takin Thank you for the time you dedicate to usg there the same vision that you are sharing with us here. Sincerely,

Names and surnames a group of students from the Faculty of Economics, University of Bari

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