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offering you a new paradigm of work –

we have created this event thinking of you. We wanted to offer you ideas, inspiration, and tools to help you navigate these uncertain times and to make the most of the opportunities that arise from the crisis that surround us.

Ebbf sincerely hopes that you will find this event useful for you and that it will also encourage you to invite other like-minded people that you know, in your office or in your network, to come and be inspired by a new way of doing business, with a new purpose and new tools that will allow us to make a positive impact in our area of influence.

The fact that the recent moral leadership – leading from your values online course quickly sold out tells us that people are eager like never before to walk a new path, a meaningful one.

Warmly looking forward to seeing you in London The ebbf events team.

ebbf launches the next in its series of sold-out Make It Meaningful Conferences:

– A New Paradigm of Work – Selsdon Park, London 6 – 8th of May 2011

Umair Haque of Harvard Business Review described the economic environment in which we operate as “a radically interdependent, increasingly transparent, tightly hyperconnected, brutally hypercompetitive, and viciously volatile world”.

ebbf sees this environment and the crisis that surround us as great opportunities to introduce a new way of doing business – a new paradigm of business -.

This weekend event will celebrate the success of leaders who are currently thriving in this environment. You will be able to interact with them and with an international group of CEOs, Innovators, Professionals in large corporations and small companies:

– seeing practical examples of leaders and companies “who did it”, who created purpose-driven, meaningful and successful companies – redefining common business terms and practices that bring about successful and purposeful companies – learning of paths and tools that will allow you to navigate these changing times

For this special event we have chosen a special location, the quite beautiful Selsdon Park, near London.

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