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Neissan Besharati on the role of emerging economies in global development

SOUTH AFRICA – ebbf member Neissan Alessandro Besharati is a programme manager with the South African Institute of International Affairs and a research associate with several international think-tanks. He provides regular policy advice to diverse ministries of the government of South Africa as well as regional and international institutions in areas of development policy, international cooperation, aid effectiveness, monitoring and evaluation.

He has published his latest discussion paper entitled “Common goals and differential commitments: the role of emerging economies in global development” through the German Development Institute. It tries to capture the views and positions of the middle-income countries on their role and contribution to global development and the post-2015 agenda. It stresses the importance of developing a framework for monitoring and evaluating South-South (between developing countries) cooperation and the identification of appropriate institutional platforms for such discussions to take place.

Click here to access the complete paper.

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