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Maja Groff co-organizing global conference on Justice

THE NETHERLANDS – Maja, a Senior Legal Officer at The Hague Conference on Private International Law, is among the organising committe of the European Baha’i Justice Conference (EBJC) which has been organised in partnership with ebbf and will take place this coming weekend.

This Conference will actively involve participants in an exploration of living a balanced life in our professions; justice in business & commercial law & practice;  shared global economic prosperity & ending poverty and justice for religious minorities in Iran & beyond; among other themes. It is part of an ongoing effort to learn how to translate a commitment to social justice into a balanced and effective personal and professional life, and to contribute to the discourses of society.

The programme will include focused plenary and panel presentations as well as participatory sessions and workshops where other ebbf members will be contributing: ‘The impact of the holistic view of justice on the concept of democracy and political processes – a Baha’i approach’ (Farah Dudstar), ‘Raising the Bar in Business and the Workplace’ (Mika Korhonen), ‘The Social Psychology of Justice’ (Ismael Velasco), ‘Shared Prosperity? How does that work?’ (Wendi Momen), ‘Administering Local Justice: Several Case Studies’ (René Wesel), ‘Poverty, Justice and Human Rights’ (Hooshmand Badee), ‘Fighting Global Corruption: Case Studies’ (Jean-Pierre Méan).

The European Baha’i Conference on Justice

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