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Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

You can join ebbf and become part of a global community, present in over 50 countries, that accompanies people exploring how to use their workplaces or new economic systems to build a new, more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization. View here video interviews with some ebbf members sharing why they joined ebbf and how they contributed.

With your annually renewable membership you will also gain:

  1. access to the members platform connecting you to a global network of inspiring individuals

  2. the opportunity to join “meaningful conversations” leading to action, on one of ebbf’s “meaningful hangouts”

  3. taking part in the weekly “unlocking the potential of your membership” hangout video conference connecting with members around the world and asking the ebbf team to accompany you

  4. access to the “SOS ebbf” service allowing you to ask your ebbf community for advice, help and ideas

  1. member-only discounts at ebbf and partner organizations’ international events

  2. becoming an active protagonist, joining an ebbf team, creating new ebbf tools

  3. access to the “creating your dream enterprise” service, guiding you from the idea to the reality of the enterprise you always wanted to set up.

  4. becoming part of the “ebbf accompaniment” service, accompanying you on a path of increasing influence in your current and future work

Full annual fee:€ 120Young Professional annual fee:€ 50Student / Unemployed annual fee:€ 255-year membership fee:€ 500Life time membership fee:€ 2,000

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