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Italy – Daniele Gotti’s ebbf experience

Daniele Gotti is Administrator at NUR Internet Marketing. He attended the last two ebbf conferences, in London and in Barcelona.

“It was a unique experience. The meaningful conversations, the relevance of the topics and the personal, professional and geographical diversity of the participants made it a great opportunity for sharing and mutual enrichment.”

About the ebbf values, he says that they are well formulated, effective and clearly explained during the conference, allowing participants to create their ideal model of enterprise.

“I recommend the experience of an ebbf conference to all the people interested in improving their workplace, strenghtening their professional skills with strong values and taking a challenge.”

He thinks that the worshops really help to define actions and to implement them in the workplace. To better do so, moderation is needed. He says that is possible to be more moderated “through and active and dinamic consultation, not only allowing people to express themselves but fostering the participation of people usually feeling uncomfortable of being at the centre of attenion so that is possibleto have different ideas and contributions. This allows to share a projec and a better result in terms of fulfillment of a goal.”

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