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Exploring sustainability and supply chain value creation and destruction through a PhD

SWITZERLAND – Caroline is exploring ways to rethink education and participatory practices both as Managing Partner of ren-new llc and as a Steward of the Art of Hosting network in Switzerland.  She most recently helped facilitate an  Art of Hosting in Education conference in Lithuania.

She is looking for the ebbf network to point her in the direction of a relevant University program for her PhD, focusing on how value is perceived differently by communities and the businesses that interact with them.  She is particularly interested in looking at company value chains – from resource extraction to waste/recycling, and seeing where value is created and for whom, as well as where value is diminished/destroyed and again for whom.  “I would like to explore different means for evaluating the actual or potential impact on the firm when they diminish value for others, while looking at the opportunities this represents for firms to rethink their standard models and build value for all.”

Through ren-new llc, a company that works with organisations and stakeholders to make sustainability profitable, she works with very large and very small groups to make business sense of sustainability and turn sense into impact.  This enhances profitability in the short-term and builds it for the long-term.

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