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#ebbfspirit – when spiritual values make front page news of entrepreneurial success, a French

As we are coming closer to the

international ebbf event dedicated to exploring the connection between success and the application of spiritual principles, #ebbfspirit – a very timely article features #ebbfmembers Christine, Laurent and Kazem Samandari’s  L’Opera enterprise. An Indian-based French-inspired values-driven enterprise that offers us some ideas on how to create a successful growing business, because of its strong shared values.

As Kazem mentions “it is now just over nine years that our family moved to India and an idea, L’Opéra, which was born in the mind of Laurent has grown in the meantime to a full-fledged enterprise with over 150 employees and 14 outlets preparing for its pan-India expansion over the next fiveshayears.”

It is also important to underline that it is definitely not all plain sailing , Kazem continues:

“This has not been a smooth and easy ride, however, at every step of the construction of L’Opéra we had the values and principles which are the foundation of ebbf and obviously of the Faith in mind. I would not be honest if I did not mention that this came at a significant cost, particularly financial.”  However Kazem adds “the reporters of – People and Management – an HR magazine in India, were particularly impressed by the values which drive L’Opéra to the extent that they made it the cover story of the month.”

This brings home both some of the downsides of sticking to a spiritually inspired behaviour together with the up side of a stronger  brand and a story worth telling and sharing in a number of articles and magazines.

Interested in exploring more about this topic? Join us and a global audience of like-minded agents of change in business and organizations of global influence.

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