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#ebbfmilan – Serge Thill: creating numerous impacts with my chisel

Serge Thill, responsible companies accompanier, will attend

the next ebbf conference in Milan. When asked about his last ebbf conference experience he answered that it had been a while since he attended an ebbf event and that he felt he had missed a very inspiring community. “Attending an ebbf conference” – he says –  “has always been a way to reconnect with my values, to further my confidence in the nobility of the human being and to strengthen my ability to meaningfully relate to likeminded professionals from many parts of the world.” Then, I asked him some more questions:

Q: What and where has been the last impact you created? A:”The last impact I created”, Serge says, ” was yesterday when working in my woodworking shop and creating numerous impacts with my chisel in my beech stock, progressively transforming it from raw pieces of wood into something that resembles ever more a kids’ bed for my grand-daughter.”

Q: “If you were inviting someone to come to the next conference in Milan, what would you say?” A: “Your question gives me an idea: I will invite a friend of mine, the CEO of a small and growing company, who is a brilliant and warmhearted man, but who still believes people need an environment of fear to give their best (not that this belief has ever worked in his favor). I will encourage him to come and experience at least one day in a community, in an environment of nurturing, collaboration, trust and trustworthiness AND effectiveness in having a real impact (not talking about chisels this time).”

Q: Last but not least, could you share one or more favourite quote? A: “ANGER is the deepest form of compassion, for another, for the world, for the self, for a life, for the body, for a family and for all our ideals, all vulnerable and all, possibly about to be hurt. Stripped of physical imprisonment and violent reaction, anger is the purest form of care, the internal living flame of anger always illuminates what we belong to, what we wish to protect and what we are willing to hazard ourselves for.”

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