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#ebbfLondon participant: Why should we influence our work and world?

LONDON EVENT – Gundhild considers that we should think about influencing our work and world because “instead of (only) reacting to change, we have to wake up as we can and have to take action, in order to change for the benefit of all and to make life meaningful.” She considers that in order to make change meaningful rather than just for the sake of it “we need to focus on a common goal and with the big picture in mind, everybody can start in her/his own workplace, family, environment.”

She wishes that the spirit of the event will allow to maximize the potential of each of the participants by allowing them to share thoughts – and she introduces an interesting analogy “Our thoughts & ideas are like seeds in our hand, which draw the juice of the fruit. The seed already carries the entire flavor of the fruit in it. The seed is already bearing the shadow of a huge tree in itself. Everything is in this seed. That’s what we have to bring out.”

She is a coach and trainer on personal development with a special focus on “Burnout – No, thanks!” a programm suitable for early detection and prevention and for people already facing burnout, to find their way back to their real selves.

Registration are still open!

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