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#ebbflisbon – Emanuel Gävert and Majke Rønne: It’s all about little things

Emanuel Gävert, Senior Manager Global Chocolate for Mondelêz International, London, and Majke Rønne, Head of E-Commerce at AG, Sweden closed the conference with their keynote about little things that enable big thing. Being spiritually and phisically ready for the day is what they do everyday. Their advice is to  spend more time in nature. Art and music are another important component, e.g. going to festivals. And how to keep yourself a curious individual? They have a learning library. The different spaces that we have – they believe –  are guiding our behaviours. Moving on to the big things changing values and behaviours it’s really hard: how can we have a transformative impact? They asked some key questions to start a meaningful conversation: What if we moved 30 minutes everyday? What if everyone took time to reflect? What is there wasn’t too much or too little food? What if we lived in communities? What if we learned something new everyday?

You can also decide to start a meaningful conversation after having read this article.

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