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#ebbfjustice – Margherita Pagani invites all to join the conference conversation

Margherita Pagani, founder of flythegap, has enabled ebbf to use their platform to connect participants, speakers, trailblazers and people around the world so that the conference conversation can be ongoing and that the inspiration people gain from event is not lost as they try to transform themselves and others through

She says “Every single idea matters. This year we want to make the meaningful energy of ebbf conferences more accessible and tangible, both for who is with us here in Barcelona and for those who are aligned with us, but spread all over the world. Here there’s the link of the simplified procedure to join the conversations that are starting around the #ebbfjustice topics:

Share your ideas, reflections, your next step and your thoughts. Share it on your social media, and invite people to join the ebbf community in bringing change to reality – for a more just, sustainable and prosperous world.

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