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ebbf members view on Greek financial crisis / 1. Mika Korhonen

Mika Korhonen

Mika Korhonen

We are collecting views of different ebbf members on the following question: what are your comments about the Greek financial crisis? Our board member Mika Korhonen, underlying principles and long term ideas of a better economic system, commented: “Now when planning the way forward and designing the new economic model it is necessary to have in mind not only the most important spiritual principles of justice, equality and trustworthiness but consider ALL of the human values together, so that all of the aspects of human life are included. A special care should be taken in planning the transformation from the old to the new. The watchword is moderation. While the current culture needs to change dramatically the human suffering should be avoided to full extend. This special time calls for local communities to step in on creating a new culture based on care, love and trust one another.”

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