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Developed Team Kata course – Lean Training

USA – Larry has developed the course, Team Kata, to provide the training that will build the required skills, in managers and employees, to implement lean management: a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork at every level of the organization.

Many organizations are able to implement the technical systems of lean but struggle to create the social systems, the habits and culture, and the course provides an economical delivery system that can create consistency of language and behavior.

Larry explains in his promo video that “The team, the small work group, is the foundation in learning organization just as the family is in society … it is the performance of these teams that will determine the performance of the organization.”  Therefore team members and team leaders must be trained in problem-solving, developing scorecards and visual display, process mapping, eliminating waste, decision making.

Larry has over 40 years of experience in helping more than 100 companies improve performance. He is also the author of 10 books on leadership, lean and change management. He offers ebbf members, between now and June 30th, the opportunity to enroll for a small fee of $50 for all 49 sessions and for lifetime access of the course. To benefit from the discount click here.

Click here to watch the promotional video

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