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Canada – Sem and David crowdfund for secure data transmission

Married couple, Sem Ponnambalam and David Mohajer are running a crowd-funding campaign to expand their start-up, XAHIVE Corporation, a company that develops new forms of secure social networking platforms.

It facilitates two forms of communication: public and private. For public communication, XAHIVE enables anonymous communication between people nearby each other. For private messages, it provides a protected form of communication between users by offering endpoint encryption. This allows users to securely share files, photos and messages for free with others locally and globally as long as the device is hooked up to a WIFI connection.

It is free to use on smartphones and computers and as the company has a strong corporate social responsibility, they offer free licenses to all not-for-profits.

Regarding the crowd-funding campaign, Sem, the COO was quoted saying,

“we decided to use crowd-funding because we wanted individuals to have the ability to make decisions about what XAHIVE upgrades they want in terms of a secure private communication platform.”

Click on the image below to visit their Indiegogo campaign and find out how you can support this project.

Visit their indiegogo campaign to find out why you should support this project.
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