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Belgium – Daniel Schaubacher represents ebbf at Jade Annual Event

Short report and highlights from ebbf representative to EU institutions Daniel Schaubacher on his participation at Jade’s annual event.

“As a member of JADE’s ( | European Confederation of Jr Enterprise – 280 enterprises at universities / 20,000 student entrepreneurs in Europe, Brazil & Tunisia; €16 mo. overall turnover ) Advisory Board, I was invited to the opening of this year’s Junior Entrepreneurs #JSM Conference, March 5, in Brussels.

Some 300 junior & seasoned entrepreneurs from 17 countries participated in a program which with the help of experts & EU officials looked at the status of entrepreneurship in Europe. Encouraged by George Starcher, 8 years ago, I initiated an intergenerational dialogue within the JADE network which became the Generation Club (see attached project description). This year’s conference highlighted the results of a study undertaken by the Generation Club (see Status Report attached). This project is now co-funded by Microsoft and supported by the European Commission and a platform of business youth associations.

Last year, ebbf was invited to actively support workshops with speakers in entrepreneurship and values-driven leadership, by Steven Price, the director of the European Industrial Leadership Institute & JADE. Steven was instrumental in obtaining support for JADE from Bayer MaterialScience whose Director for Global Public Affairs Jacques Ragot (a JADE alumnae from France) was a keynote speaker at the March 5 Brussels conference.

The March 5 #JSM15 conference comprised presentations for Excellence Awards by 12 finalists selected among the 280 Junior Enterprises of the JADE network, on most innovative, socially responsible and international junior enterprise projects.

A debate by experts from think tanks, international organizations and industry discussed the European entrepreneurial ecosystem and its ability to create jobs.”

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