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4 ebbf services are added to help you make your workplace more meaningful, successful and purposeful

In the ebbf community we frequently witness conversations about the turbulent times we are living and our strongly felt need to offer an alternative. Our wish to be able to leverage our values and principles to build more meaningful workplaces, to influence (and not be influenced) finding ways to offer a totally new, meaningful and successful paradigm of work.

ebbf’s role is to accompany you along this “values path” making you more effective, empowering you to make change happen. ebbf has therefore been working hard over these last few months, partnering with like-minded organizations, experts and ebbf members to offer you these four new tools for change and influence, in addition to the existing tools and services that the ebbf community already offers you:

– offering a meaningful, new paradigm of work – ebbf’s 21st annual conference still a few places left for what is perhaps the best opportunity of the year to find new ideas, interact in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals, asking questions and being inspired by a combination of over 20 speakers and themes, relevant to you and your work that you have asked us to cover. This event has sold out in each of its last four editions confirming how much people get from attending.

– the moral leadership online course in partnership with SCMLi the second edition of this professional moral leadership e-learning course, allowing us to evolve our leadership skills, bringing a new awareness of the key leadership elements for our time and allowing us to harness the opportunity to influence and lead according to the values and principles that drive us.

– launching the new “ebbf webinar series” in partnership with KnowledgeCrush we are offering you a new interactive webinar series that will allow you to learn from and interact with international experts on themes and questions that you have and will be posing, in the company of an audience of like-minded individuals. 13th and 21st of September  are the dates of the first two webinars. Find how to register under the 3. point in this article. – the new interactive ebbf members platform in partnership with Refresh Interactive we offer you the interactive, trusted, ebbf members online platform where – if you decide to join ebbf – you will be able to search the entire database of ebbf members, interact with a high level of privacy with them, view a wall of ebbf activity, update your profile presenting your burning issues and what you offer to the ebbf community.

We hope you enjoy the new services that we have worked hard to build for you, always looking forward to receiving feedback, questions and ideas of what would assist you to build this new paradigm of work, these new meaningful workplaces that will contribute to the just, prosperous and sustainable civilization that we all strive for.

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